Tips Membuat Squishy Dari Polyurethane Dan Sabun

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Tips Membuat Squishy Dari Polyurethane Dan Sabun - I had seen a youtube user ,"AtelierLorien", make squishies using the Squishy Making Kit from Nissin Craft Resin. I bought / shipped my own PU foam liquids and made my own squishies !

- In case you didn't see the title, the material used is PU foam. If you research PU foam, it contains liquid A & B, as used in the video.
- The mixture ratio i used is as stated below. If you are interested to make your own, you can mix a ratio close to the one i use.
- Steps taken to make the squishy is only; Pour, Weigh, Pour, Stir, Pour, Wait for 5 mins at least and remove. It requires no other steps.
- If you decide to add an essence, such as food essence, it will likely result in a failed squishy due to the pureness or unique bond of the material. Don't quote me, i didn't research this, but i did test it out with food essence.

Q & A :
- The ratio used is 20g : 5g
- Every mould requires a different amount of mixture due to size
- It's easier to make squishies from large moulds compared to smaller donut ones

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